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 777 Charlie is a 2022 Indian Kannada-language adventure comedy-drama film written and directed by Kiranraj K. and produced by Paramvah Studios. It stars Charlie, a labrador dog in the titular role, and Rakshit Shetty alongside Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Danish Sait and Bobby Simha. The film follows the journey and bonding between a lonely factory worker and a stray labrador dog.

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A Labrador puppy escapes from the house of a breeder where many dogs have been caged and tortured. The pup continues its journey and finally reaches the colony where Dharma resides.

Dharma is a loner in a colony, who doesn't socialize with anyone and is feared and jealoused among the colony people. His life consists of mainly working at the factory, fights, booze-smoke and watching Charlie Chaplin shows on TV. He is an orphan, whose parents and sister had died in a car crash caused by a dog and thereby leads a monotonous life. A musical fest at his colony makes the puppy scared and Dharma is enraged as his sleep is disturbed where he destroys the band instruments.


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The puppy views Dharma as her saviour and secretly follows him. The Labrador takes shelter in the dustbin outside his house and consumes the leftover idli thrown by Dharma without his knowledge. It tries to gain attention of Dharma, but in vain. One day while leaving for the factory, the dog follows him and gets into a road accident. Feeling pity for the dog after watching Charlie Chaplin's bond with a dog, Dharma takes it to the hospital where he is advised by Dr. Ashwin Kumar to let the dog stay with him, till an adopter comes forward and advices to take dog license.

Though reluctant as the colony members doesn't allow dogs, Dharma agrees and takes care of the dog where the bonding between him and the dog grows to an extent where Dharma becomes a better person and names the dog as Charlie after Charlie Chaplin and takes care of the dog with a child in the colony named Adrika aka Adi. One day, Charlie loses consciousness where Dharma learns that Charlie is suffering from cancer (Hemangiosarcoma of spleen) and this genetic defect have happened due to the breeder's unwanted breeding techniques and constant torture as Charlie is a female dog.

Distraught, Dharma decides to fulfill Charlie's wishes where he learns that Charlie likes to play in snow as whenever snow appears in TV, she gets excited. He leaves with Charlie for Himachal Pradesh. En route, Dharma learns about Charlie's breeder and receives a video of Charlie's torture where he learns that Charlie's name was actually Keaton. Dharma confirms this by addressing Charlie as Keaton thereby Charlie responding to the name and shown to be in fear. He reaches the breeder's house and thrashes him and later caught by the police.

The rest of the dogs gets rescued by the animal welfare team. Through a dog licence's expert Devika, Dharma meets Karshan Roy, who promises to publish his story in the magazine. Dharma and Charlie leave for Punjab where they meet a dog lover named Vamshi Singh and his dog Blacky, where Dharma and Charlie spent few days with Vamshi, Vamshi provides a dog competition pass to watch, but they become contestants where Charlie does a long jump, supported by Dharma and wins the competition.

Without money and food, Dharma sells his bike and walks to continue their journey but Charlie's condition worsens. Dharma takes him to a monastery and learns that Charlie was pregnant with Blacky's child, but the puppies couldn't survive. The duo continue their journey in the bus but the bus is stopped by the army, and they reveal that a landslide occurred due to which the tourists are not allowed. After requests from Dharma, an officer agrees to take Charlie to Kashmir.


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The duo sneaks out and play in snow and return back to the camp. The following day, Charlie goes missing and Dharma leaves in search of Charlie. After a long search, he finds her at a temple waiting for him, who sits in his lap, then thanks him with her gesture and dies in Dharma's arms. Dharma is distraught but finds a puppy inside the temple and realises that Charlie gifted the puppy to him as she knows that Dharma cannot survive without her.

A few months later, Dharma along with Devika, Adrika and the colony people inaugurate an animal rescue and shelter in the memory of Charlie. And Dharma sitting next to Charlie's memorial goes through the article published about the journey of Charlie and Dharma. Charlie's puppy also named as Charlie is shown to be more mischievous than its mother.

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